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January 20, 2015 Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s Banner advertsing on Biz-find Vietnam

In December 2014 Biz-find registered almost 70,000 visitors over half was new visitors to our sites. See all our stats here

Because of distinct business categories which are evolving all the time to cater for business in Vietnam, we now offer banner advertisng for business to brand them selves to a targeted market.

Category banners

Send us your banner 650X 200 and we can add to the category of your choice we have two banners in each business category one at the top and one at the bottom and the prices are

1 month $30 Top/ $25 Bottom

6 months $150 Top/ $130 Bottom

1 year $275 Top/ $235 Bottom

The home page banner

This is the prime advertising spot on Biz-find, and is seen on every single page visited at the top of the site page, Ideal for business that has a new service that needs business in Philippines to know about it.

$150 per/month

6 months : $750

1 year : $1,350

For more information email: info@biz-findvietnam.com





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