The Genius of Hitler

January 25, 2014 Entrepreneurship

One man with hardly any qualifications went on to be the leader of an entire nation; commit mass genocide that the world never really recovered from, and a string of nasty war crimes to his CV, and his people at the time loved him. His government policies were tenuous to say the very least and his taste for ambition didn’t even hide the real reason he wanted the power. What did this man have to make his rise to power seem so easy?


Even whilst cooped up in Jail for the Nazi uprising in 1923 known as the Munich Putsch, Hitler’s one driving reason and undeterred focus, got him to be exactly where he wanted to be just ten years later, to have the full power to deliver his carnage on anyone he thought didn’t live up to his ideal of a perfect race.

Hitler was a profound orator and was so well received on stages during his rise to power, yet he mainly told people what they wanted to hear, his speeches spoke of prosperity and ‘having more’ which was exactly what his people wanted to hear after the World war and the economic crash of the late twenties. People lapped it up. To Hitler the courting of the people and his passionate speeches came naturally, and if the people and power were what was needed to get what HE wanted, then they were the stepping stone to his goal.

 I believe anyone can become a great orator when you have so much belief in whatever it is you want to achieve. Find your passion, stand for something, or you will fall for anything!

The one ethical thing we can extract from this regrettable chapter in History is regardless of your background and education, regardless of what capital you have right now, and as insurmountable as your task may seem, it can and will be done if you want it bad enough, it is yours for the taking. You just have to have utter belief and make it your life work and become autonomous, to think, eat, sleep, breathe what you want, and it’s yours , just think about it!

focus your beliefs on Biz-find

Focus your beliefs on Biz-find

Focus to me is about living your life in your purpose. When  you think about your goal constantly your are making waves. It is  now scientifically proven that we stimulate a part of the brain when we think emotionally about what we want, and that triggers physical reactions. So:

When we think, we do!

Focus to me is also about staying the course, if the world clearly knows what you want, the people will help you to cut you a route through. Too many business people meander through life chasing the money instead of the main dream. When you consistently change what you do, you lose that razor focus and also lose support, because people are less inclined to recommend you because you are not deemed the master at what you do.

To be successful; be the lighthouse, it has one task in life, but ask anyone in your community where is the lighthouse and what’s its job is, and they can tell you exactly where it is and how it’s been successful at its one single mission, just by being there and being ready for when the time arises to save a ship!

We can forgive our MLM friends for finding any excuse whatsoever to draw circles to someone, they are already living the dream in their heads and as brainwashed as you might think they are, there are much worse things they could be pursuing, so give them support, maybe they will be the 2% that make it and become insanely rich. The only difference between those that find success in anything and those that do not, is those that do not  make it lost their focus somewhere along the way.

For those of us that remained focused and got to be where we want to be there is a caveat;  sadly hate and love are very similar beasts and consume the same food to grow, so we can either find our way to become what we want to be and use our success to make a difference good or bad that is entirely your choice.

 I am not one for conspiracy theories, though I try to keep an open mind but I do think when you reach a certain level of success you will get tapped on the shoulder by the ‘powers that be’ and asked to join an elite, however appealing this may be, keep your feet on the ground and do right by the world.

If you are going into politics just remember we are all one consciousness and whatever you do to any human it’s essentially doing it to yourself.

Good luck

Alan (Owner of Biz-find)

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