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January 31, 2016 Investing

Our Investor tips Transeastern as his top pick of the month.

Biz-find Investment tips transeastern

Biz-find Investment tips

No doubt that the buzzword is ‘Renewable’ and Transeastern is Renewable … renewable energy played a critical part in the targets set during the Paris 2015 Global Climate Summit where 195 Nations agreed to curb climate change through the release of Fossil fuels and other gasses.

Transeastern (tsx venture: TEP.UN) (TEP.DB) is high on the radars of savvy investors because it looks such a good bet for these reasons:

Stable Secure Underlying Assets … solar, wind, hydro:

J. Colter Eadie, Chief Executive Officer of Transeastern stated “We are starting to see the production results from the recently acquired solar acquisitions which we believe will prove to be highly accretive. The diversification of power generation sources benefited the Trust in the third quarter as good production from the solar assets has offset the challenging hydrology conditions affecting the hydro projects this summer. The completion of the Mediterranean acquisition strengthens Transeastern’s balance sheet significantly as we continue to pursue opportunities to further grow the business.”

Biz-find wind-energy

Biz-find wind-energy

Transeastern has also been acquiring Assets, with Proven Technology, at, or below, replacement cost eliminating development risk and buying assets today, at less than they cost to build in the future.

About Transeastern

The Trust, through its direct and indirect subsidiaries in Canada, the Netherlands and Romania, has been formed to acquire interests in renewable energy assets in Romania, other countries in Europe and abroad that can provide stable cash flow to the Trust and a suitable risk-adjusted return on investment. The Trust seeks to provide investors with long-term, stable distributions, while preserving the capital value of its investment portfolio through investment, principally in a range of operational assets, which generate electricity from renewable energy sources, with a particular focus on solar and hydro power.

Biz-find solar power

Biz-find solar power

Investor benefits:

Making a difference to the environment.

Vendor Buy In … Vendors taking large minority positions in the Trust as part of the Transaction

Experts are predicting our stock at a secure 12.50% Annual Dividend … paid quarterly

Transeastern is listed on a Toronto Exchange … liquidity … the fifth largest Capital Market in the World

Romania is the fastest growing economy in the European Union by GDP and is expected to repeat in 2016.  Romania allows for Emerging Market growth within an EU risk profile.

Scale:  large Pipeline of over 400MW of operating Renewable assets in Romania and surrounding European markets at sub 7x EBITDA

There is a very good chance of Capital Appreciation and for multiple expansions as the trust grows and attracts a broader Institutional following.

Transeastern and many other pre-IPO’s are creating a very exciting portfolio for Investors to make great returns on the renewable energy sector and well the environment benefits us all.

For a prospectus on Transeastern and other compelling pre-flotations contact financial advisor Thailand.




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