The top ten reasons people go to work (Motivating staff)

January 20, 2015 Recruitment

A Gallup survey of over 2 million workers at 700 organisations found that the length of an employee’s tenure is largely determined by that employer’s relationship with his or her immediate Supervisor.

Recruiters and HR departments have to get smarter and smarter at hiring good people and retaining their best workers. Job hunters, especially in the East, have more choice when it comes to who they want to work for. Business owners are having to retrain to appreciate the pool of talent they have, one question recruitment consultants and head hunters ask employees is:

When was the last time your employer took you for a coffee alone and found out exactly what working for their organisation means to you?

The types of questions employees should be asked:

What does working here mean to you?

Do you enjoy working as a team or would you prefer to work alone?

If a special assignment came up would that excite you to work on this?

Where would you like to be in 5 years from now?

If you had a magic wand what changes would you make to our organisation?

These questions all demonstrate that you as an employer have their best interests at heart, and that you see them as much more than a statistic. Give and you shall receive tenfold in productivity and staff morale.

There are limited amounts of technology and incentives you can give employees, but there is unlimited power we you can tap into the creativity of your people and the key message really is to find ways to recognise the quality of your hired talent every single day not only after a project is completed, the best performers are the ones who are recognised for their actions on a daily basis.

Money is the least motivating factor in all walks of life, pride, sense of accomplishment and team comradery and friendship at work, all rated much higher than money and the best thing is they are all emotions that are free!

The top reasons why people go to work in order of priority

    1. 1 Career growth and Development
    2. 2 Exciting work and challenges.
    3. 3 Meaningful work and  making a difference to society.
    4. 4 Great people to work with
    5. 5 Being part of a team
    6. 6 Having a good boss
    7. 7 Recognition for work done
    8. 8 Autonomy and responsibility
    9. 9 Flexible work hours and dress code
    10. 10 fair pay and benefits

Staff motivational tips

Focus on Performance

Whatever you performance driver is; get your team involved whether you are basing your results on say; number of sign ups to your newsletter make it a dinner out or a day at the races if you all as a team reach the target.

Write to your employees

Having a hand written thank you for a job well done or a certificate for achievement that they can display is something we often forget to give out.

Have a genuine interest in their home life

A supervisor that you can really relate to about what is happening at home and can be flexible when needs be is a God send, and when the time comes to really dig in these people will remember you.

Some little things that go a long way in staff motivation:

Friday treats

If your business is Monday to Friday and you find some employees can’t resist the long weekend try having a corporate massage person come in and rub their necks and shoulders at the desk, it certainly is a talking point, also Friday snacks is another one where boss buys the doughnuts, you may be really surprised how successful this can be.

Employee of the month rewards

How about recognising great work with; a sweat shirt or a teddy bear with employee of the month emblazoned across it. Perhaps a decent pen or desk mementos works for others.

One year our manager bought us remote controlled cars which we spent all Christmas eve racing one another across the showroom, great memory –great manager!

Remembering Birthdays

Regardless of how old you are the saddest person we can think of is the one who nobody has remembered their birthday, how about Movie tickets or a dinner certificate for those born on that day.

Conversely I remember offices in the eighties having massive collections for people’s birthdays which meant you made a fortune on your birthday but it actually became a drag when there was so many people in the office that you were digging into your purse/wallet each day to pay for someone you hardly know. This only works for small teams.



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